Rosemary Sauter Frett Writer


Rose Frett has been writing since she was in grade school, dabbling in poetry but never really seriously focusing on it. She enjoyed writing in different traditional forms, honing her communication skills in creative ways rather than direct and straightforward as she would with a client. Now that her children are adults and have their own families, she has had more time to focus on her creativity.

Natural Inspiration

One day, as she was sitting in her yard, Rose saw a glistening drop of dew on a blade of grass and was caught off guard by its simple yet inspiring beauty. Nature is something that Rose has had more time to observe since the kids have grown up—she now has the time at home to sit back and admire the birds and trees that she had walked past so many times before. This drop of dew was just one manifestation of God’s beauty that she now has the time to marvel at and, with a renewed focus, write about in poetry.

Over the last five years, she has focused on her poetry, drawing inspiration from insects and other natural beauties with which the Lord has blessed us here on Earth. Like many writers, Rose sometimes suffers from writer’s block. When the words aren’t readily coming to her, she finds it helpful to go online and read about the facets of nature by which she is inspired.

Upcoming Book

In addition to her poetry, Rose is now writing a book about life experiences, specifically her own life’s challenges and how she has strived to overcome them. She hopes that she can connect with other people who might be going through their own challenges, and help them by making them feel that they are not alone in what they might be going through.

Professional Background

Rose Frett has recently been working as a Virtual Assistant, offering her excellent communication skills, expertise in real estate, and experience in business growth to several clients in the United States. She has experience establishing her own business in several industries and delivering quality care to her clients and customers. In addition to her VA business, she also enjoys working on her creative writing.